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Stec outlines priorities ahead of 2022 session

SARANAC LAKE — State Sen. Dan Stec will have no shortage of issues to handle when the state Legislature returns to session in January, and he’s already spent some his time out of session learning about and talking about these topics.

Stec’s been in the Tri-Lakes area several times this month, each time with a list of events, tours and interviews planned.

“I like to hike in loops and I like to drive in loops,” said Stec, an avid hiker.

And when it comes to state issues, he tends to talk in loops. Many of the challenges the state faces are connected. Some affect each other, others have similar core issues.

Several times, during interviews with the Enterprise, Stec asked the question, “What kind of government do we want?” That’s a question he feels the state Legislature is asking itself a lot nowadays.

He said the state could move toward a more government-controlled economy or a more laissez-faire economy with less government involvement. Stec said most people want an economy somewhere in the middle, so it’s a constant balancing act. He said it’s hard for the government to choose the winners and losers.

But the state does choose winners and losers. The state has funded large Olympic venue renovations, but still lacks broadband connection around them. The state strictly regulates child care providers, but has declined to regulate short-term vacation rentals.

Stec said he doesn’t always agree with the state’s decisions, but he’ll be pushing to improve the lives of the people living in his district.

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