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New Yorkers need a strong voice for common sense and leadership

that will rise to meet the difficulties we face.

The Senate Republican Conference is the crystal-clear voice of reason New York State needs. From alternatives that will restore balance, accountability and common sense to our state government to energy, transportation, housing, the environment, education and infrastructure policies that will move our state forward, Senate Republicans are ready and able to move our state forward.

The Senate Republican Campaign Committee is the political arm of the Senate Republican Conference. Its task is simple: to find and recruit accomplished, proven leaders from all walks of life to run for, and win, a seat in the New York State Senate. These candidates and incumbent Senators include small business owners, law enforcement professionals, veterans, labor advocates, working moms and local government officials - all of whom are dedicated to advancing our shared vision of a more affordable climate for families and businesses, communities that every resident can feel safe in and common sense government that gives every New Yorker the freedom and opportunities they need and deserve.


Your support, whether it’s a donation to SRCC or volunteering to help one of our many exemplary candidates, will help bring the Senate Republicans one step closer to advancing an agenda that ensures New York can finally live up to its reputation as the Empire State.



rob ortt

senate republican leader

As Leader of the Senate Republican Conference, Rob is committed to restoring balance to state government and ending one-party rule in Albany. Under Rob’s leadership, the Senate Republicans will fight tirelessly for lower taxes, affordability, personal freedom, and bringing back jobs to New York.

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srcc chair

Senator George Borrello is the New York State Senate representative for the 57th District.

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help restore the balance to new york's state government
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