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Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt On the End of the Legislative Session

This Legislative session has made it clear that one-party rule is failing our state. As New Yorkers face historic inflation, an unprecedented affordability crisis, skyrocketing violent crime and continued out-migration, Albany Democrats have focused on coddling criminals, increasing costs and covering up for the status quo corruption in our state capital.

In just six months, Albany Democrats advanced radical policies that will increase the cost of living for hardworking New York families. They passed pro-criminal policies like “Clean Slate'' while failing to seriously address their no-cash bail reform that has emboldened violent criminals. And they dramatically increased spending, leveraging our state’s future.

While serious problems mounted for the people of New York, Albany Democrats dedicated their time to serving themselves. Time and again they tried, and failed, to codify their political power, only to be rejected by the voters and the courts.

I am proud to lead a conference that has been focused on addressing the real challenges facing our state. The Senate Republicans have advanced solutions to lower costs for families and businesses, to support victims and repeal pro-criminal policies like cashless bail, and to make meaningful improvements to the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

As the politicians return home to their districts to answer to their constituents, I am proud to be on the side of the aisle that fought to make New York State safer, stronger and more affordable.




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