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Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

On Reported Firebombing of Pro-Life Women’s Medical Office

The overnight firebombing of a pro-life women’s medical office in our community is a despicable act of extremism that must be universally condemned. I’m grateful to hear that the injured firefighters are recovering and that CompassCare’s employees were not harmed. I’m thankful for the brave firefighters and members of law enforcement who responded quickly to the scene. Whoever committed this atrocity must immediately be brought to justice.

It is extremely disturbing that the state Legislature recently passed a bill specifically targeting pro-life medical offices such as this one. Additionally, it is alarming that the Governor and New York State legislature haven’t offered one dime of security or support funds for clinics like those operated by CompassCare, despite just recently providing $10 million for abortion clinic security.




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