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statement from senate republican leader rob ortt

The idea that the State Legislature is coming back to Albany tomorrow to vote on a pay raise for themselves is patently offensive to the people we represent.

It’s no secret that the high cost of living and violent crime are the top two issues for New Yorkers. Yet, Albany’s One Party Ruling Class continues to put their own misplaced priorities first. Their latest scheme: a whopping $32,000 salary increase and a cap on outside income.

Let’s be clear about what this pay raise will do. It will fill the wallets of lawmakers with the tax dollars of hardworking New Yorkers. It will prevent people with real world experience from serving in elected office. And it will create a permanent ruling class of career politicians in our State Capitol.

One thing is for certain: the debate about the massive affordability crisis facing New York is over. By giving themselves a pay raise, Albany’s political ruling class is admitting they’ve made our state unlivable if you make less than $142,000.

This would make the Grinch blush. Taxpayers shouldn’t forget.




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