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statement from senate republican leader rob ortt

Today’s flip-flop comments from NY’s Attorney General is typical. With less than 21 days from an election, Letitia James is changing her tune because she is trailing in the polls on this issue.

Let me remind my fellow New Yorkers what the Political Ruling Class wants you to forget by November 8th: the cashless bail laws were orchestrated and kept in place by the Democrats in Albany. While our conference has been fighting to repeal bail reform for years, Letitia James firmly supported the policy many times and is even quoted saying ‘spikes in crime don’t warrant changes to bail.’

New Yorkers deserve the truth. Albany Politicians created this crime crisis. They can’t hide from their failed agenda just because the political calendar is ticking. To restore public safety in our state, voters will have to make a change – that’s why we must take back the State Senate and elect a new Attorney General.




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