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statement from senate republican leader rob ortt

Every day, more and more New Yorkers fall victim to violent career criminals because of the soft-on-crime agenda of One Party Rule in Albany. Crime is surging in our communities, police are being beaten or killed, and New Yorkers of all stripes are calling for change – yet the political ruling class in Albany dismisses the cries of victims and refuses to act.

New York City Mayor Adams today joined our calls for a special legislative session to address bail reform and other public safety concerns. But – without an ounce of hesitation – the political ruling class in Albany has dismissed these calls.

The Governor and the Legislative majorities were quick to rush to Albany to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens, but when it comes to holding criminals accountable and protecting victims they couldn’t care less.

Our Senate Republican Conference stands ready to repeal bail reform and restore public safety to our state. Voters will have to make a change this November.




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