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Statement from Republican Leader Rob Ortt On Passage of Latest Criminal-Coddling Bill in Albany

New York is facing a violent crime crisis. In the final days of the legislative session, Senate Democrats are once again putting criminals over victims by passing a bill to erase millions of criminal records from public view.

Let’s be clear: their latest criminal-coddling policy will make New York less safe. Some of the “sealable offenses” under this outrageous bill include:

  • Manslaughter;

  • Armed robbery;

  • Most kidnappings;

  • Hate crimes;

  • Some terrorism offenses;

  • Domestic violence;

  • Animal abuse; and

  • Arson, among other offenses.

And if it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear as day now: One-Party Rule’s priorities are not the priorities of everyday New Yorkers. Law-abiding citizens are concerned with crime. Innocent victims are under attack. Yet Albany is once again rewarding criminals and punishing victims. It’s absurd and abhorrent.

Our Senate Republican Conference’s focus has been clear and consistent: We must take back New York, restore public safety, and put victims over criminals, always.




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