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Senators Ortt, Lanza, O’Mara and Weber Urge Senate Majority to Address Key Budget Issues

State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, Deputy Republican Leader Andrew Lanza, Senator Thomas O’Mara, Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Bill Weber, Ranking Member of the Budget and Revenue Committee today sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins urging the adoption of the Senate Republican Conference’s priorities that are included in their comprehensive “Rescue NY Agenda.”

With the Senate and Assembly expected to vote on their One-House Budgets next week, negotiations will soon be accelerating on the FY 2024 State Budget. With this in mind, the Senate Republican Conference is urging the adoption of several key economic, public safety and quality-of-life proposals that would directly benefit millions of hardworking, taxpaying New Yorkers.

“From crushing taxes and runaway government spending, to pro-criminal policies that have made New York more dangerous, to intrusive state mandates and government overreach, One Party Rule has clearly been failing the people of our state. With families and seniors struggling to pay for fuel and essential groceries, a weak and battered economy, and a criminal justice system that is failing to protect law-abiding citizens, New Yorkers are demanding action. The common sense solutions and priorities laid out in our “Rescue NY Agenda” would immediately address these critical concerns and must be included in the final Enacted Budget,” stated Minority State Senate Leader Rob Ortt.

“These common-sense proposals will get New York on the path to recovery and improve the lives of people who are struggling every day to make ends meet. These economic and public safety policies will ensure a brighter future and quality of life for all New Yorkers,” stated Deputy Minority State Senate Leader Andrew Lanza.

“New York is one of the most heavily taxed and over-regulated states in the entire nation. And as more and more New York families, seniors and small businesses keep heading for the exits, it’s no surprise that our state continues to be a national leader in population loss. With our state now in crisis on so many fronts, it’s clear that the FY2024 State Budget provides us with the perfect opportunity to enact common sense, fiscally responsible policies and solutions that get our state back on the right track,” stated Senator Tom O’Mara, Ranking Member on the Senate Finance Committee.

“New Yorkers continue to flee because of the high cost of living and violent crime. Egregious budget proposals like Governor Hochul's 46% MTA mobility tax increase just adds insult to injury. We need to rein in spending now before there's no one left to foot the tax bill! It's no mistake that Rockland voters elected me as their Senator in a district with a 2-1 Democrat registration advantage – they have had enough. My colleagues and I in the Republican Conference will continue to speak up and fight for all New York taxpayers,” stated Senator Bill Weber, Ranking Member on the Budget and Revenue Committee.

In anticipation of the 2023 Legislative Session, the Senate Republican Conference previously unveiled the “Rescue NY Agenda,” a series of important proposals designed to create a safer, stronger, more affordable, and more free New York. The comprehensive plan reflects a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of tax dollars, jump-starting our slow economic recovery, and restoring common sense to our criminal justice system.

In the letter to the Senate Majority Leader, the following measures were highlighted as key budget priorities of the Senate Republican Conference:

  • Cutting the Empire State’s Highest-in-the-Nation Tax Burden and Controlling Government Spending;

  • Reducing the Cost of Living for Families and All Residents;

  • Improving New York’s Worst-in-the-Nation Business Climate;

  • Enacting Climate Policies that Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, and Clean Energy;

  • Restoring Common Sense to Our Criminal Justice System to Prevent Crime and Protect New Yorkers;

  • Increasing Efforts and Investment to Address the Opioid and Mental Health Crises;

  • Supporting and Protecting Our Seniors;

  • Providing a High-Quality Education to All Students;

  • Expanding Economic Opportunity and Strengthening Our Workforce;

  • Investing in Infrastructure for the 21st Century;

  • Helping our Veterans and Military Families Thrive;

  • Upholding the Rights of New Yorkers; and

  • Improving State Governance and Restoring Accountability.

A copy of the letter is attached.


FY2024 Budget Priority Letter
Download PDF • 286KB



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