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Senator Tedisco: “Legislation To Reduce Crime And Restore Common Sense”

ALBANY — Sen. James Tedisco (R, C), whose 49th district includes parts of Saratoga County, spoke this week about legislation first introduced last year that would “bring discretion back to our judiciary, reduce crime and restore common sense to our criminal justice system.”

Senate Bill 1521 (S.1521/A.1705) - an act to amend the criminal procedure law, relates to setting bail for defendants who pose a threat to public safety. It would provide judges with discretion when setting bail for dangerous defendants, according to the bill.

Tedisco said, in a statement, that a “‘catch and release’ revolving door of danger and disaster wrought by cash bail reform led to 3,400 criminals who were not held in jail being rearrested for a violent felony while awaiting trial last year,” and has played a role in former residents of New York leaving the state.

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