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NY State Senator Slams Legislative Democrats For Role In Redistricting

Senator George Borrello spoke to WNY News Now Wednesday on the topic. The Republican from Irving has been a vocal critic of the Democrats in what he says is an effort to gerrymander Republicans out of districts.

Borrello says, although the independent redistricting commission appears to be doing its job, the Democrats are continuing to pursue a power seizure.

“It’s going to fall in the hands of the majority to draw out the maps. I believe they want to gerrymander out as many Republicans as possible in Congress in New York State,” Borrello said. “It’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen at this point, but there will be lawsuits, and ultimately this will create more chaos.”

The Senator furthers that, because of the “chaos,” lawmakers will be up against the clock to approve maps. Petitions are mandated to be circulated by March 1 as primaries are held in June.

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