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Former governor 'was not fully transparent' on nursing home COVID-19 deaths

ALBANY, N.Y. (WKBW) — On Monday morning, the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee released its findings from its investigation into former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The investigation, which started before Cuomo's resignation in August, sought to examine allegations of sexual harassment against the former governor. The investigation also looked into whether he had directed his staff to "unlawfully withhold or misrepresent information" on the effects of COVID-19 on state residents, whether Cuomo had knowledge of safety concerns regarding bridges in the state, and whether Cuomo "directed, or had knowledge of, executive personnel attempting to suppress related investigations."

State Senator Republican Minority Leader Rob Ortt saying state democratic lawmakers failed to hold Cuomo accountable.

"It just shows you that there was clearly incredible reasons to impeach the governor had he stayed in office," Ortt remarked.

Ortt says he will continue to fight for passage of a senate bill that would clarify the legislature's constitutional right "to impeach and convict a former public official".

"The real issue here — there was plenty of time to have brought impeachment against the governor when he was in office. It wasn’t done and it wasn’t done intentionally — this process was slow rolled from my opinion from the very beginning," Ortt explained.


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