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Borrello’s Nourish NY Win Is A Win Both For The Senator And For His District

Sen. George Borrello’s pre-Thanksgiving trip to New York City was far from a sight-seeing trip.

The Sunset Bay Republican spent Sunday in Queens to see Gov. Kathy Hochul sign legislation Borrello sponsored making the Nourish New York farm-to-food bank program permanent.

It’s a notable accomplishment for Borrello, who has earned a reputation for his tough questions and harsh criticism of many Democratic Party priorities in the state capitol. Residents of the 57th Senate District should be glad Borrello is in Albany asking those tough questions, but his outspokenness could be seen as a hinderance to getting his own legislation passed.

But Borrello, the ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, worked with Sen. Michelle Hinchey, D-Kingston and Senate Agriculture Committee chairwoman, to progress the bill through the state Senate while also working with Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz, D-Corona.

The Nourish New York program is good for New York farmers and families who need access to fresh food. It’s good policy. It’s also good policy for Borrello to show he can work across the aisle on legislation so that Democrats see the local senator is more than just a one-trick pony who spends his days lambasting Democrats but accomplishing little.

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