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Assembly Releases ‘Disturbing’ Report on Misconduct Allegations Against Former Gov. Cuomo

The investigation, which was conducted by the independent Lawfirm Davis Polk & Wardwell, concluded findings after sifting through 600,000 pages of documents, including photographs, text messages, emails, phone calls and more.

The report released by the Assembly echoes the report from Attorney General Letitia James, which found Cuomo repeatedly sexually harassed current and former staff and created a toxic work environment.

“While there’s no surprises, it confirms what I in many of my colleagues have been saying all along,” New York State Senator Tom O’Mara said. “It’s an abuse of power and it’s a violation of the law. I think that we should bear this out and give Governor give Andrew Cuomo the due process. That’s [what] he wants because he’s just coming up with excuses and accusations on this.”

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