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statement from senate republican leader rob ortt on the redistricting vote

The question of who represents New Yorkers in Albany and Washington is a matter that greatly affects our day-to-day lives. In 2014, and again last November, New Yorkers overwhelmingly voiced their support for an independent redistricting process to create fair, nonpartisan lines and ensure equal representation for all.

This week, Legislative Democrats shamelessly turned their backs on the will of New Yorkers by adopting legislation to create their own gerrymandered partisan districts after rejecting maps created by the Independent Redistricting Commission. They did so behind closed doors, without considering input from thousands of communities of interest or holding a single public hearing.

Democrats’ hypocritical actions are blatant attacks on our democratic process. It is clear they are only concerned with holding onto their political power and cementing the disastrous One-Party Rule that has made New York less safe, less affordable, and less populated.




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