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SENATE GOP: Are the Long Island Senate Dems Still on Corrupt #TeamBenjamin?

Last night, the New York Daily News reported that federal investigators have issued subpoenas related to taxpayer funded grants former State Senate and current Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin steered to his district.

This news comes on the very same day Brian Benjamin's campaign announced the support of the entire Long Island Senate Democrat Delegation - Senator Anna Kaplan, Senator Kevin Thomas, Senator John Brooks, Senator Jim Gaughran and Senator Todd Kaminsky.

"After years of corrupt politics in the Executive Chamber, Long Island voters are demanding honest leadership in Albany. Unfortunately, for some Long Islanders, their State Senators don't feel the same way," said Katy Delgado, spokeswoman for the Senate Republicans.
Senators Anna Kaplan, Kevin Thomas, John Brooks, Jim Gaughran and Todd Kaminsky proudly announced their support for 'defund the police' advocate Brian Benjamin on SAME DAY it was announced federal authorities are investigating grants directed by his office. Long Island voters deserve to know if their State Senators are still on corrupt Team Benjamin."




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