For years, Senate Republicans have been the most consistent voice for New York’s hard-working taxpayer – - fighting for policies that allow middle-class families to keep more of the money they earn.

New Yorkers from Buffalo to Long Island recognized that, and as a result chose Republicans to lead the State Senate in the 2010 elections.

Since winning the Senate, Republicans have stood firm in opposition to those in Albany who have resisted real spending cuts and sought higher taxes to balance the budget.

By pledging to vote against any and all tax increases, Senate Republicans have reduced state spending, and ensured that New York’s government becomes more lean, more efficient and more accountable.


What a difference two years makes.

In 2008, Democrats took control of the Senate and promised change – but they gave us change for the worse, including two disastrous state budgets.

The Senate Democrats voted to increase taxes on businesses and families by $14 billion despite every Senate Republican voting against every tax and fee hike.

Shockingly, the Democrats increased taxes on the average family by nearly $5,000.

Senate Democrats increased spending by $14 Billion in spending to the budget over two years, rejected the Governor’s recommended cuts and approved massive spending hikes taxpayers couldn’t afford.

Democrats even rejected Republican calls to enact a state spending cap to force fiscal discipline.

On top of all the spending and taxes, Democrats did nothing to help create private sector jobs – instead they raised taxes on businesses by billions of dollars, including the downstate payroll tax – causing the loss of 245,500 jobs. Senate Democrats even eliminated $500 Million in tax credits for businesses, jeopardizing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The record is clear…

Senate Republicans are listening to New Yorkers who want lower taxes, less spending and more opportunities for their families.

Senate Republicans are proudly standing on the side of the taxpayer in Albany, and they always will.

What a Difference Leadership Makes

For the second consecutive year, the early passage of the 2012-13 state budget achieves the Senate Republicans’ goals of reducing state spending, not raising taxes and creating new private sector jobs.

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