Brooklyn Senator Carl Kruger lastest Albany pol to plead guilty to federal charges

Kruger resigned his Senate seat before pleading guilty

BY Greg B. Smith & Glenn Blain

Ex-Sen. Carl Kruger wiped away tears as he became the latest Albany politician to ‘fess up to regularly selling his office to line his pockets.

The veteran state Senator choked with emotion as he pleaded guilty to four counts of taking bribes to manipulate Albany’s wheels of power — and to fund a lavish life-style that included a Bentley and a garish mansion in Mill Basin the he shared with his male “intimate associate.”

“I accept responsibility for my actions and am truly sorry for my conduct,” Kruger told a judge in Manhattan Federal Court, pausing twice to remove his glasses and wipe his eyes with a crumpled white tissue.

“I apologize if I’m a little emotional over this.”

Kruger faces up to 11 years and four months in the slammer when he’s sentenced in April.

Just minutes before Kruger walked into court, he resigned the Senate seat he has held since 1994.
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